Colored Pencil Gallery

Moonlight Ladies
Sunshine in the Heart of Winter
Don't Make Sense
The Fragility of Lives & Dreams
A Moment in Slow Motion
Stories on Display
The Substance of Things Hoped For
The Evidence of Things Not Seen
Pull to Open
The Sun Stealing the Sky
Light Crisp Tasty - Fortune Inside
I Am Not What I Seem
Now You Know
The Long Way Home
98 Cents per Pound
What We All Have in Common
The Magnificent Seven
October Light
Dawn's Early Light
Just Like the Morning Sun
The Edge of the Unknown
Too Hot to Handle
Sweet Seduction
The Give Without the Take
No. 21, Italy
No 95, Montefioralle, Italy
St Marks
Tenderly Morning Comes
Carmen & Michelle Taking Time
Yesterday Morning When I Was Young
Hand on Tightly-Let Go Lightly
First Kiss
Reaching Out to the Other Side
Having Fun With Red & Green
Fun With Repetition
Not Quite But Soon
Living Inside the Glow
Peaches & Cream
So Happy Together
From the Center of the Circle
Shades of Pink
Sandy's Gardenia
When I Dream
Pink 2
No Place Like Home
Three Simple Things
Simply Red
In Good Taste
Complimentary Couple
The Story of My LIfe
Kissed by the Sun
The Boys are Back
On My Mind
Prelude to Spring
Blue Monday
Texas Gold
The Colors of White
Some of my Favorite Things
Study done in 1993
Kicking Bear - Lakota Sioux

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Don't Make Sense

Full Title: It Don't Make Sense but it's So Much Fun