“Luminous, Lustrous Colored Pencil on Drafting Film”
Subject: A Butterfly

March 10-11, 2022       9:00 to 4:00
Texarkana, Tx
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“Luminous, Lustrous Colored Pencil on Drafting Film”
Subject: A Cactus Blossom
March 25-26, 2022       
9:00 to 4:00
Mineola League of the Arts
200 W Blair Street, Mineola, TX



The Portrait: Delicate to Dynamic

In this workshop Linda will illustrate the many dimensions of this exciting, rich-hued, yet very portable medium on toned paper.

For this particularly fun, casual but information packed class a packet will be provided. The packet will include paper, with a printed template so no drawing is required, a 5 x 7" reference photo, a worksheet, a palette guide and help hints and instructions. 

Regardless of how much experience you've had, you will be thrilled to learn the "tricks" of the trade Linda has mastered through decades of colored pencil painting.

Colored Pencil: Painting With A Dry Medium


The emphasis of this workshop is on burnishing, but not in the traditional sense. The burnishing will be done with a "dry" brush. The two most important things that will be learned are, one, when a sufficient amount of pigment has been applied to make it possible to burnish, and two, how to make the brush work.

Using a paint brush not only blends the pigment but also intensifies the color, producing a rich, luminous work of art which will make the viewer wonder if it really is pencil or if it's paint. Reference material will be provided along with the image printed on the paper.

Colored Pencil on UArt Sandpaper


The emphasis of this workshop is on the paper and is designed to give the colored pencil artists an opportunity to explore the possibilities of a new and different surface.

The student will work on UArt Sanded Pastel Paper, a fine artists grade sandpaper which optimizes the workability and blend-ability of the colored pencil.  Reference material will be provided along with the image printed on the sandpaper.

The Portrait in French Gray


The objective of this workshop is to create a portrait using Prismacolors French Gray's. Since the focus of this workshop is a pallet made up of an assortment of grays each student will complete nine steps on a value scale beginning with a small amount of black. The black will be gradated into the 90%.  At the other end of the scale French Gray 10%  will be gradated into white. Since the French Gray pallet only comes in  a 90%, 70%, 50%, 30%, 20% & 10% value range, the 80%, 60% & 40% will have to be created before beginning a portrait.


Graphite:The VALUE & POWER of Value

Did you know the success or failure of the finished product is often determined by how skillfully the value structure of the painting has been managed? Are you confident in your ability to see and skillfully use value? Perhaps you would you like to know why value is so important and learn how to use it to your advantage? Even if you are confident and know how to exercise good use of value perhaps you'd just like to hone your skills.

Whether you work in watercolor, oil, pastel, colored pencil or graphite; if your style is abstract, impressionistic or realistic, regardless of how you categorize your work, all paintings and drawings have one thing in common—the crucial design element of value.

Because value is so important this workshop has been designed to increase the students awareness of value as well as enhance each persons ability to see and understand value so that success, at least where value is concerned, can be more than a guessing game.





  • Beginning Colored Pencil

  • Colored Pencil on Drafting Film

  • The portrait in Colored Pencil

  • If you prefer, I can combine any two for a five day workshop.


Each student can expect a pleasant, casual and informative working atmosphere with plenty of individual attention.




If you are interested in a workshop please contact me here: hardy.lindalucas@yahoo.com