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Oil Painting Gallery

A Thousand Blooms on a Spring Day
In the Cool of the Morning
A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever
All My Colors for You
The Burning Bush
Beauty & Grace
An Event in Summer
Here With Head Bowed
Raindrops and Roses
How Sweet it Is
A Sweet Fragrance Filling the Air
Filling the Air with Fragrance
Romanced by the Moon
Kissed by the Moonlight
Moonlight Ladies
Natures Pageant
Sunny Delight
Sun Fed
Warmer Than the Winds of June
Seasons in the Sun
Just like the Morning Sun
Fragile Little Worlds...
La Vie en Rose
Many Blooms Still Linger There
Forget Me Not
The Joy of Finding is Often in the Looking
Living in the Shadows....
Romancing the Light
In the Storms of Life, Soar Like an Eagle
Pretty in Pink
When Beauty Speaks
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Evenings Blushing Ray
One Sweet Day
The Yesterday Door
Carmen & Michelle Taking Time
Scent of a Sweet Sultry Evening
Lamps of Gold Have We
Little Words for Big Stories
It Goes Without Saying
Lines Curves Colors
It Never Crossed My Mind
The Beginning Not the End
Dancing in the Moonlight
Tender Trusting & True
The Beauty of Life
Coyote Sunrise
Though Wind & Waters Roar
A Place to Call Home
Culinary Pursuits
Venice Reflected
Breaking the Ties That Bind
The Music's Stopped...
Because I Need You
Sweet Love
Gentle Giant
Under the Texas Sky
Mama Said There'd be Days Like This
Right Here Waiting for You
The Wind Blows Gray
Sweet Surrender
The Colors of an Afternoon
Let the Rocks Kiss Your Feet...
The Old Cookville Store
The World Outside Your Door
The Time When Love Was New
Mama's Gardenia
Beneath the Thin Veneer...
Saturday Afternoon Demo
I Wonder
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